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ESG Management

Our promise, Invites Biocore joins the effort for
a sustainable future.

Invites Biocore will take the lead in creating a better world where everyone can enjoy a healthy and happy life
without anyone being left behind. We will build a digital healthcare ecosystem and strive to become a leading global company
in the digital healthcare industry through continuous innovation and growth.


Invites Biocore is committed to creating a healthier and more sustainable world by minimizing the impact on the environment and promoting safety and health management for the future of human health.

Invites Biocore realizes sustainable management of environmental protection and safety management.
We actively participate in monitoring for health management and workplace environment improvement so
that employees can work in a healthy and safe environment.


Invites Biocore will fulfill its social responsibility towards employees, customers, and local communities to contribute to a sustainable welfare through a virtuous cycle.

Invites Biocore places great importance on ESG management, particularly human rights management, to ensure that the rights of employees, customers, and local communities are not violated.
We will strive to improve the level of internal management and practice fair and transparent management.


Invites Biocore communicates transparently with stakeholders in accordance with the company's ethical principles.

Invites Biocore separates the chairman of the board and the CEO, actively listens to the voices of shareholders, and strengthens internal auditing to enhance transparency and accountability of the company.
We will communicate transparently with customers and investors, employees, and strive to establish a mature ethical culture based on understanding and trust, and grow sustainably together.

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