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Invites Ecosystem

Mission & Vision

Invites Ecosystem invites everyone
to a healthcare world
where no one is excluded and everyone can
enjoy a healthy and happy life

Invites Ecosystem is a model that constructs a entire period value chain in the data-driven bio-healthcare sector.
Invites Ecosystem consists of eleven specialized healthcare companies : Invites BioCore, CG Invites, Health Connect, Invites Genomics, and Procagen.

Through continuous organic collaboration and synergy creation among each company, Invites Ecosystem realizes personalized health management and smart precision medical system based on healthcare big data.

Corporate Value
  • Our employees wisely align
    the direction of the
    organization with their
    personal goals.
  • The rational thinking of employees forms the basis of
    all decisions.
  • Collective intelligence among employees can generate diverse and creative ideas in
    the organization.
    To implement collective intelligence, the organization shares all relevant information equally among employees.
  • The employees are not HR (Human Resources), but HC (Human Capital).
    All employees, including partners, are the capital subjects of the organization.
  • The organization promotes employee participation and cooperation based on equality, and takes into account their performance evaluation and compensation in an appropriate manner.
About Our Constituent
Invites Ecosystem
  • CRO/Genome analysis Clinical
    Genome data production

  • Jeju Genomics Project
    Invites Cluster

  • System Integration Service
    Providing a digital

  • Development of genomic-based
    and diagnostic platform
    Healthcare data analysis

  • Global pharmaceutical research
    and development company

Invites Biocore

Invites BioCore is a biotechnology company that specializes in genomic analysis and clinical trial services as a Contract Research Organization (CRO). It provides clinical and analytical services throughout the entire drug development process, as well as genomic testing by life stage, production of in vitro diagnostic products, and cold chain bio-logistics.
Starting as the first vivarium research institution in Korea in 2001, we have grown into a top partner for major domestic and international pharmaceutical companies, research institutes, and medical institutions.

Health Connect

Health Connect is a next-generation digital healthcare company established through the integration of medical technology from Seoul National University Hospital and ICT technology from SK Telecom.
It offers a digital healthcare platform that combines the health system and health plan with an innovative Health On platform, and pursues a stable business in smart hospital solutions and a new growth engine business in smart medical platforms.

CG Invites

CG Invites is a prominent global pharmaceutical research and development company, particularly recognized for its pioneering work in bio-pharmaceuticals. Founded in 2000, it was listed on the KOSDAQ market in 2006, specializing in the development of innovative new drugs. CG Invites' primary focus is improving the quality of life through the development of innovative new drugs to address medical unmet needs.

Invites Genomics

Invites Genomics is a specialized R&D company focused on genomic data. It's a local subsidiary established to support the Invites ecosystem's ongoing online and offline initiatives in Jeju. The Jeju Genome Project (JPMI) collects, analyzes, and integrates various genomic and health information from Jeju residents to build a comprehensive healthcare big data platform.


Procagen is a company that holds the largest prostate cancer genomic data in Asia, providing personalized solutions from predicting prostate cancer incidence to prevention.
The company is excavating pre-emptive biomarkers based on genetic analysis for various diseases, including prostate cancer, male diseases, and urological diseases, and developing disease prediction PRS algorithms, and it is building a diagnostic and management platform utilizing this technology.

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